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Undoubtedly the most colourful state of India, Rajasthan is home to imposing forts, majestic palaces and intricately carved temples. Its deep association with the traditional past also makes it a compelling place to visit. The Nature has also been very bountiful in offering Rajasthan an exotic landscape beyond imagination.

Rajasthan’s wonderful wildlife is also a huge draw among the tourists. Last but not the least, Rajasthan is a major attraction for the business travellers. Some of its cities are treasure house of traditional handicrafts, jewelleries and precious stones and metals.

The royal land of Rajasthan is renowned for its gracious hospitality. Amidst the forts and palaces are the many cocoons of comfort – the hotels in Rajasthan. The state is home to several hotels and resorts. The beauty and individuality of the various heritage hotels added to the warm hospitality extended make these hotels the ideal base for those who wish to experience the fascinating dream that is Rajasthan. The luxury of several five star hotels in the state is proverbial. Most of the hotels in Rajasthan offer fabulous setting and a wide array of amenities, activities, conference space and accommodations for both vacationers and business traveller. These hotels are located in a variety of convenient city centre locations and are in close proximity to the places of attractions. Recently, Hotel Rajvilas Jaipur has been ranked No. 3 in the Overseas Leisure Hotels category for Asia by The Conde Nast Traveller UK.

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