Event Management

Whether it's about an exotic location that you have always dreamt of visiting, customized itineraries, or a precious, once in a lifetime event, we offer a bouquet of professional services to cater to all your needs.
With superb event management skills and varied experience, Indtravels creates a rich and unique experience for customers looking for a memorable experience.

We always want to ensure that your event is personal to you and truly represents who you are, your sense of style and your shared values. At Indtravels, we make things happen for you in the way you desire.
We provide our customers with a one-stop destination for all kinds of events, including weddings at their dream destinations and professional corporate events for their toughest clients.

Wedding event management

If your wedding matters to you, it matters to us the most. And, we strive to make your wedding day the most precious day of your life.
Be it a sweet wedding with a tight budget, a theme-based ceremony or a dreamy destination affair, we plan and manage everything for you. From small intimate gatherings like Mehendi, to large lavish ceremonies, with us, every event will be unique for you. Talk to us about your dream wedding, and we will plan it out together. Don’t forget to ask us about the latest offers that will make you want to get married to your partner right now.

Corporate event management

We understand how intimidating and tiring corporate events could be when huge investments are on stake. So, how do you manage to look into those minute details and prepare for contingencies while working on that crucial presentation? Indtravels is there for you to offer the best of corporate event management services that reflect your brand and your business style.
Corporate events have to be perfect – nothing more or nothing less than that. Share with us your requirements for your next client meeting and ask about how creative we can get to make it a successful event. Count on us, and we will ensure that your presentation will be a big hit!

Public event management

Marketing is the soul of business and customer engagement is the lifeline for marketing. That is why promotional public events come as a popular way of attracting people. We help companies – from small to large scale – to conduct various public events, including advertising, product launch, expos and more. We plan quality events being in sync with the campaign goals, event theme, and budgets to create an impactful and convincing experience for our customers. Our aim always remains to go above and beyond the expectations, with every project.
Be it your boss calling or your would be wife, we are there to handle everything you need to plan it out better. Call us on +91 9876543210 or email us at example@gmail.com to talk about your next event. We will get back to you with the best of ideas and offers you cannot refuse.

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